Founder's Vision

“I am like a flower in which the Almighty has filled with the sweetest of the nectar so that the honey bees around me can feed and sustain.”

- Mr Ramjan Ali Sk.

Born in a lower middle-class big fat joint family our founder had experienced life very closely. Loosing his father at an early age forced him to quit his studies and to take responsibility of his entire family. But he had a very honest and clear vision. He promised to himself that if he becomes big someday then he will never ever let anyone suffer as he did in his initial years of struggle. So, with honest and benevolent intentions he started his journey and OAS Group and Realty came into being. His vision was to contribute something special towards his community and society so that people can remember him even after his final departure from this mortal world. His vision was to uplift the standard of life of each and every person with whom he was attached directly or indirectly. Before being a super-successful businessman he was a ‘human’ so he always dreamt of building and expanding his business by generating local employment.

His humane nature made him realise the need and importance of education in the life of an individual and in that perspective he established schools and colleges, made provision for special scholarships and awards for the brilliant students. His vision was also to build a corruption free society where people will get justice and will enjoy equal rights and hence besides remaining busy in his own domain he did a lot of social works which were intentionally kept out of any kind of hype. That’s the reason OAS Group and Realty is not only a business group but much more than that. Our founder’s vision was to make develop in it’s true sense of the term. To him his people had always been the first priority. Mortals come and go but their dreams and visions never die, they get ingrained into their future generations. And that’s why here in OAS Group and Realty we all are bound to keep our founder’s vision alive as he is still among us in his ideas and ideologies. He was a true visionary whose vision will never die as there’s no limit to growth and development.