Green Building

The Rising Popularity of Green Buildings among the Real Estate Companies

Are you looking for a luxurious house that is well connected with nature and is also eco-friendly?

Your seeking for green buildings has become much easy as the real estate companies in Kolkata and around the country are prioritising eco-friendly apartments and buildings in recent times. As per the latest research by CBRE, there has been a 37% rise in green-certified buildings in the last 5 years. While the initial cost for green buildings is generally high and people have to pay a bit hefty prices but the total cost over the years in the long term is much less. These eco-friendly buildings tend to have an elongated life span and the resale value gets enhanced for both the commercial as well as residential building properties. India is making gradual progress toward a green future as real estate agents have been looking out for green certifications that are recognised nationally and internationally like IGBC and LEED.

What is Green Building?

With the rising global warming and climatic changes, a green planet with eco-friendly products and a sustainable environment is the need of the hour. The real estate companies have been the latest industry to contribute to eco-friendly and sustainable environmental growth by enabling the construction and maintenance of green buildings.

Green buildings are not technically ‘green’ in colour but rather constructed in a different way as the construction materials that are used are eco-friendly. The process for the construction also takes place that complies with the natural eco-friendly rules of the construction process of demolition, maintenance as well as renovation. These buildings generate lesser waste and also conserve natural resources and tend to optimise high energy. Because of all these aspects, these buildings are called green buildings.

Importance of Opting for Green Buildings

The real estate sector has started to notice the importance of enabling eco-friendly buildings and keeping nature intact and as close as possible to luxurious building constructions. Hence, they are making the best use of the renewable resources they can. In the long run, the green buildings that the real estate development company in Kolkata and in India are focusing on have a far-fetched positive impact on the environment.

Long Term Savings

Did you know that the operating expense of green buildings is comparatively 30% less? The implementation of the various eco-friendly methods like solar water heating, wall insulations, generating power through hydropower and wind power, etc along with the various vital features helps in reducing and limiting carbon emissions and also aids in using less electricity as a result saves the cost for electric bills.

Healthy Environment

Green building requires very limited resources like water and energy for lowering the overburden on the environment. This aids in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and limits the rising temperature. Apart from that, living in green buildings improve the quality of life and most of these apartments are surrounded by nature keeping people close to nature, with fresh air.


The country is witnessing an increase in the products and materials used for green building construction and therefore experiencing a continuous boom. The real estate developers and the real estate companies are focusing on eco-friendly paints, cement, and various processes like water harvesting and other associated requirements. Adopting these techniques and methods is really a great start. If you are looking for real estate companies in Kolkata, opt for OAS which offers various real estate properties, luxurious and well connected to nature.

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