Why Are Townships So Popular Among Kolkata’s Home Buyers?

Typically, townships are created to be self- reliant and self-contained and offer various benefits to the residents. A lot of township projects can be found some distance away from the commotion of city centres. Who can resist the serene environment and green landscapes that townships boast? Most of the leading realtors in Kolkata promote the matchless value of houses within a township that you can buy at an affordable price range.


When you purchase property in a township you typically gain access to a host of amenities and a lush green landscape. This is perhaps one of the highly persuasive motives behind why buyers opt for townships instead of stand-alone projects. Property buyers with elderly parents and young kids also chose gated societies as it offers them a much-need community living.

In bigger townships residents can avail of conveniences such as club houses, colleges, schools, shopping centres, hospitals, movie theatres and many other day to day facilities.

Systematic infrastructure and environment

Townships offer their residents superior planned out infrastructure. The area is made efficient by segmenting the entire space into various parts and ensuring that by and large the layout of the society isn’t jam-packed or difficult to get to. Have you started looking for real estate developer in Kolkata as yet?


In a township you and your family can enjoy an unimpeded and protected life. Township administration makes sure that there are robust safety and security protocols in place. Security personnel monitor visitors’ entry in a polite manner, ensuring that no uninvited guest comes into the society. Security guards continually track people going out and coming in, while security cameras capture all activity taking place in public locations of the society. The risks of theft or any illegal activities is decreased dramatically, making sure that all stores, apartments and residents are safe without 24*7 security measures. With leading realtors in Kolkata you can get access to a secure and safe society.

Great resale value and ROI

On top of the fact that property buyers in townships are afforded several amenities, nearness to facilities and a higher standard of living they are also the reason why this property is a smart investment choice that brings in substantial returns. The resale value and rentals are also ideal for investors.

As a financial asset, property is not easy to resell. This becomes even more of an uphill task when it comes to houses in stand-alone buildings. Apartments in townships are highly popular. To make considerable profit from your property in the future, you’d be better off selling a flat in a township.

Townships can offer home buyers a superior living quality and an improved social infrastructure. In a city such as Kolkata, townships have the upper hand compared to standalone buildings, as they are the highly modern and energy-efficient models of urbanisation and offer higher living standards. To find your ideal property in a township, you count on leading realtors in Kolkata from OAS Realty.

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